Cultivating Calm: 6 Cozy Ideas for Cold- Weather Self Care

Ah, November. Admittedly, not my favorite month. The sun is lazily rising and setting much earlier, and that (among with some gloomy weather) can really dampen the mood.

Each year, I get more and more aware of how seasonal changes affect my mood. This has allowed me to explore ways to cultivate peace, calm, and heck, even JOY into daily life! In the list below I am going to share some of my favorite cozy self- care activities with you. Feel free to grab your favorite blanket and cuddle- up before you read on!

1: Set the Scene

Every time I notice the days getting shorter and a chill drifting in the air, I take that as my cue to start preparing our home for the cooler months. I grab our throw blankets out of the linen closet and give them a wash. Once fresh and fluffed, I sprinkle them around the home. I also like to rotate out some decor, using neutral and warm tones to oomph up the cozy- factor.

2: Keep it Light

When there is less sunlight, keeping the home light in the evenings is a major mood-booster. I personally like to keep the light low and cozy with salt lamps and candles. I love the feeling of being in a room with a warm, natural glow.

3. Cuddle Up with a Cuppa

My daily tea ritual is one of my favorite self- care practices. Drinking from a warm mug requires both hands, and engages all of the senses. Warm drinks are also great for digestion- so this is a practice that can be great for body AND mind! Once a day, try grabbing your warm beverage of choice and relishing in the moment, you will be glad you did.

4. Ignite Some Cheer

Fragrance can be a major mood- lifter! I love diffusing essential oils and burning candles this time of year.

5. Grab a Book

In the Summertime, it is easy to be always on the go. The extra hours of light lend themselves to knocking out all those activities and tasks on our never- ending to- do lists. In the Fall and Winter months, we find our days “cut short.” This is the best time of year to get into the swing of reading again. I love getting in my softest lounge wear, sipping some tea (again, with the tea) and digging in to a book.

6. Share the Season

Sometimes, the best way to ward off the winter blues can be by doing the very thing we feel we don’t have the energy for; spending time with others. I don’t know how many times I have begrudgingly left my warm home and grumbled about how tired I am, to soon find myself surrounded in the comfort and cheer of others. Try organizing a night in/out with family or friends, joining a club, or taking a class. It can be easy to draw inwards, especially during these cold months, but a sense of community really does wonders for the heart.

Thank you so much for giving this article a read! I hope you feel inspired to cultivate some calm in your own homes. In the comments below, I would LOVE to know how you like to cozy up!

Take Good Care,


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