A Quick “Hello!”

If you are reading this,  my first blog post, EVER, I want to extend to you the fuzziest virtual hug possible and a resounding THANK YOU! 

Why am I starting a blog, you may ask? Well, recently I experienced a radiant blast of intuition that I knew I needed to act upon. What occured to me then, I would like to share with you now. 

There is something special about you, and this uniqueness is yours for a reason. It is a disservice to the world if you do not allow this light to radiate to those that need it most. 

I have decided to share my story with those who are willing to receive it. I want to be the voice I so desperately needed to hear at certain points in my life. I also want to share the things that have lead me to where I am, and my own special sauce for a GOOD life or at least my version of it! 

Get ready for some parenting and life nuggets, cheerful DIY projects, AMAZING recipes, and most importantly get ready for sunshine!

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